Archimedes’ tangram


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The puzzle is supposed to have been invented by Archimedes 2200 years ago.
The Ostomachion, also called Syntemachion or Loculus Archimedis, consists of 14 flat pieces of various shapes forming a square. The area of each piece is commensurate with the area of the square in the ratio 1:48. How many possible distinct square arrangements can be made using all pieces of the Ostomachion? Bill Cutler by means of a computer program he wrote found the answer: 536 possibilities (reflections and rotations of a square arrangement were not considered). How many will you find?

Goal: Remove all 14 pieces from the frame, then put them back. The other 12 shapes can be found in the enclosed booklet.

Number of pieces: 14

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1 cm

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