Twistyball – color

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Twistyball is new fantastic and original Czech puzzle in the shape of a soccer ball. This puzzle will make not only football fan happy.

The base of the Twistyball puzzle is a hollow sphere, which is fitted with 12 solid pentagons. Five adjacent hexagons rotate freely around each pentagon and slide on the surface of the sphere. In order for the puzzle to work properly, the hexagons must always be tightened to the correct locking position.

Goal: Mix the colored hexagons and you are ready to start. Choose one vertex pentagon around which to fold the blue color with the connectors between hexagons in the same color. Around the opposite pentagon, fold yellow with the connectors in the same color. Fill in the center line with green color and the connectors in the same color.

Difficulty: 6/10

Dimensions: diameter 95 mm

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